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Performance Based Pay: The Target Improvement System

Performance Based Pay with the Target Improvement System

Specific characteristics of German law exacerbate the introduction of performance based pay systems and incentive plans. The target improvement system (German: Zieloptimierung) brings commitment, supports implementation and simplifies rollout.

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Conflict: A Recurring Problem for Risk Management

Conflict Over Risk Management

Conflict is a recurring problem for financial risk management. At your own firm, are risk managers dismissed as “risk police”? Are risk committee meetings contentious? Do traders hoard information? If you answered “yes” to some of these, you may have a serious problem.

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Performance Appraisal: to Appraise, or not to Appraise

Performance Appraisal and Economic Slowdown

As part of the cover story for the The Human Factor june edition, we are looking at the process of performance management and how performance appraisals have been affected this year across the world due to the economic slowdown.

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