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Facilitation in Germany

Facilitating workshops efficiently and productively

We offer classic facilitation of meetings and negotiations at all levels – Management Board, Executive Board, Supervisory or Advisory Board and senior management in general*. In Germany and in German language, too.


You can rely on the strict neutrality of the facilitator, which considerably increases the efficiency and effectiveness of all your meetings or negotiations. Let us organize workshops with your direct reports; however large or small the group, we will use innovative ideas and proven methods to achieve useful results and create sustainable action plans.


One of the specialties we provide is the facilitation of decision-maker workshops for the resolution of strategic topics and questions. In the framework of an interactive workshop, with professional input supervised by a specialist facilitator, experts will provide you with the details that will allow you to look more closely at decisive points, discuss possible effects and ascertain where there is the highest potential for success. You will consequently be able to make a sound and well-founded decision on whether or not to put your plans into effect and, if so, how to proceed.


We provide targeted, results-oriented facilitation of groups of anything from five participants to several hundred. We support communication within your company by conveying your core messages, strategic objectives and other information in clear, action-oriented terms.

* Need a facilitator for special events or panel discussions? The first place to look is here: Speeches and Presentations.

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