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Training, Seminars, Workshops

In Germany and in German Language, too

We provide internal soft-skills training (in-house training, management training courses, team training and outdoor training), in-house seminars on industry-specific subjects, combined seminars and workshops in the context of cross-departmental improvement processes, open seminars and online seminars. Trainers, speakers and presenters from leading organizations brush up their existing skills and learn new ones in our Train-the-Trainer courses (T³).


“Off-the-peg” staff training does not meet the requirements of today’s target and strategy-oriented employee and management development programs, which demand more than just the transfer of knowledge and the teaching of skills. We believe that the make-or-break factor that guarantees lasting knowledge transfer and sustainable change is the participants’ desire to acquire knowledge and learn new skills – and it is our task to generate this desire.


Desire is, on the one hand, a fundamental willingness and motivation to acquire the skills and knowledge in question. On the other, it also involves a high level of commitment to the application of these skills and knowledge in day-to-day working life. In addition, an HR development program that focuses on sustainability requires employees to know and practice patterns of behavior that will enable them to deal with any possible implementation difficulties in future.


We work with you to design training units and courses of instruction that completely correspond with your requirements, objectives and strategic action plans. We take into account any special company or sector-specific features and situations that might apply to the participant target group in question. Our training concept is modular: all modules can be combined to form a holistic, target-oriented training course to suit the respective target group. We design and submit training proposals in advance and provide you with just the right trainer for each target group.


We not only plan, design and carry out training courses, but also help you with the organization, selection of the venue and creation of training materials and certificates of attendance, if required. We guarantee high standards of skill, knowledge and superb quality, and experienced trainers, enthusiastic and active participants, practical relevance, effective methods and the certainty of a long-term, sustainable transfer of knowledge.

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Training, seminars, workshops