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"There has never been a single training, workshop or course from WOLF Business Consultancy ‧ Training ‧ Implementation where the participants and we as the client were not highly satisfied. WOLF sets high quality standards for the instructors, trainers and lecturers in order to meet or even exceed our expectations as customers. As a small thank-you, I have recommended WOLF several times."

Personnel and management development in Germany and also in German language

Training Germany: training, workshop, seminar, course in Germany

Our USP: We achieve the desired improvements and changes

Training, workshop, course: we achieve the desired improvements and changes
Training, workshop, course: we achieve the desired improvements and changes

All trainings, workshops and courses can be booked as open events for individual participants from different companies. We also offer them as in-house training.

WOLF trainers and lecturers work for renowned academies and associations. These further education institutes organise open events for individual participants from various companies. These open trainings, workshops and courses are partly carried out as face-to-face events, but also in the form of video courses, online seminars or webinars and blended learning formats.

Training, workshop, seminar, course: Open or in-house?

However, our USP is particularly effective for in-house events. Use in-house training, workshops and courses to achieve improvements and changes.

Within the framework of internal change and improvement processes, we also conduct decision-maker workshops for the company management, as well as in-house courses, trainings and workshops for managers and employees on many specialist topics.

From soft skills training to courses on specialist topics

In the area of behavioural change, we develop and train almost all of your employees’ extra-curricular skills: expect in-house training, management training, team training and outdoor training that really make a difference. Since we are so good at this, we also train the trainers of leading organisations. This format is called Train-the-Trainer (T³).

Management and personnel development geared to entrepreneurial goals and strategies cannot be achieved through training, workshops, seminars and courses “off the peg”: it is not enough to impart the necessary knowledge and then to practise the skills more or less intensively.

Our USP: Achieving behavioural improvements and changes

To ensure the transfer, WOLF instructors, trainers and lecturers attach great importance to generating the – ultimately decisive – will of the participants. Because “attitude comes before behaviour”: We understand wanting on the one hand as a fundamental willingness to acquire the relevant skills and knowledge, and on the other hand as a willingness to apply what has been learned in a committed manner in everyday working life.

We have a corresponding variety of effective methods to generate the will and the necessary attitude. This is what distinguishes our training courses, workshops, seminars and trainings. In addition, we support your management and personnel development, which is based on sustainability: We ensure that you are aware of and practise the behaviour patterns required to deal with possible future relapses and difficulties in implementation.

Transfer assurance for the greatest possible training and seminar success

Together with you, we tailor each training, workshop, seminar and course to your needs, your objectives and your strategic plans of action. We consider company- and division-specific situations as well as the particularities of the respective group of participants. Our trainings are modular systems: all modules can be combined to form a holistic, goal-oriented and target group-oriented seminar and training unit. We develop concept proposals and offer you the perfect instructor, trainer or lecturer for each target group.

In addition to planning, conception and implementation, we also support you in the organisation, choice of training location and preparation of participant documents and certificates. With our competence and our quality standards we stand for experienced instructors, trainers and lecturers, for active participants, for practice-oriented content, for effective methodology, for high sustainability and for safe transfer.

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Training, workshop, seminar, course: we achieve the desired improvements and changes