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"A business consultancy that only analyses and lists the necessary measures as recommendations for action is of no use to me in practice. Such consultants only produce paper, but no successful changes. The WOLF business consultants on the other hand take responsibility for their recommendations and accompany the implementation until the goal is achieved."

Complete business consulting: from analysis to target

Business consulting Germany: business consulting and implementation in Germany

Company specific business consulting and implementation for sustainable and effective success

Company specific business consulting and implementation for sustainable and effective success
Company specific business consulting and implementation for sustainable and effective success

From a business consultancy you expect complete service from the analysis to the target. This includes company-specific solutions, professional implementation and sustainable effectiveness of the successes achieved¹.

You expect complete competence from the business consultants you engage: this includes distinctive methodical, analytical, technical and social skills, both on a strategic and operational level.

From analysis to target

WOLF business consultancy ‧ Training ‧ Implementation has positioned itself as a reliable partner for executives and managers in medium-sized companies, large corporations and non-profit organizations. We involve your employees in the specialist departments because it serves the quality of the analysis, the acceptance of the change and the success of our joint project.

Business consultants with many years of experience and excellent analytical skills, professional breadth and depth as well as high social and implementation skills will advise you purposefully with economically effective solutions.

Business consulting and implementation to success

As results-oriented consultants and implementers, we support you in all strategic, tactical and operational issues. We offer complete business consultancy: We take responsibility and accompany the implementation of every project and every program until the desired, sustainably effective results are achieved.

We regard the highest level of satisfaction with business consultancy, implementation and the successes achieved as the foundation stone for long-term customer-service provider relationships. We are aware that only customers who are enthusiastic about business consultancy, implementation and successes will ask for our consultancy services again and recommend us to others. Rapid amortization of investments, first-class performance and exceeded customer expectations speak more for us than a thousand words.

We also want to exceed your expectations

We take on assignments that are based on the values of partnership and cooperation. Because only trustful cooperation brings appropriate solutions and effective success. Our local business consultants actively involve the decision-makers and stakeholders of your company in the analysis, problem definition and development of solutions.

Your staff will not feel affected by changes, but will participate in improvements. This integrated approach ensures tangible success and measurable results. Because in this way we ensure the highest possible level of commitment from all those involved in the implementation. As a client, you also benefit from the transfer of our expertise to your employees, from the development of internal competencies and thus from the sustainable effectiveness of the successes achieved.

Our goal in business consulting and implementation: Your success

The implementation of the corporate strategy is the basis for successful corporate development. We consistently align our business consultancy services with your strategies, goals and success factors. We concentrate on the economically effective and essential.

We work goal-oriented and in steps that are transparent and clearly defined for you at all times. You receive complete business consultancy: This includes professional business consultancy and the goal-oriented implementation of solutions, company specific business consulting services that are always coordinated with you, and sustainable project success.

Complete business consultancy and implementation

You can expect a program or project management that has been tried and tested in practice and, after its completion, an economically oriented success controlling. Profit from improvements in the performance, effectiveness and efficiency of your company. We do not work with standard offers and standard solutions, but bring you tailor-made solutions for the most promising starting points in your company.

What may we do for you?

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¹ Complete business consulting and implementation is not obligatory: Do you have some of the in-house capacities and competences that are necessary for a quick and successful project handling? Then we would be happy to implement only individual parts of the project for you.

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WOLF Business Consultancy ‧ Training ‧ Implementation
Company specific business consulting and implementation for sustainable and effective success