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Interim Management

In Germany and in German language, too

If personnel resources are unavailable, we can provide you with temporary management staff at operational and/or strategic level. We take temporary charge of management duties in exceptional situations and perform selected tasks in your company for the duration of the interim management period. You have a large degree of flexibility when determining the form and extent of our involvement, which can almost always be planned in detail.


We work with you to determine the scope and extent of our interim management services in accordance with your company’s individual circumstances and requirements, and offer you a choice between partial service, full service and project-related service. In the case of full or partial service, the extent of interim management involvement is defined by the number of days, hours per day and total period for which our collaboration is required. This can be once or twice per month, weekly, or on demand by prior telephone appointment.

Temporary collaboration

If you want us to take over the management of a project, our first task will be to determine the project objectives and submit our proposal for the best way of achieving them. The most suitable interim manager from our team of experts will then set to work to plan the project realization time schedule with you.

Project implementation

Interim management offers not only above-average chances of success and freedom from the constraints of internal interdependencies and obligations, but is also an attractive proposition for all projects (and not only those in danger of grinding to a halt altogether): immediate availability, extreme flexibility, exclusively variable personnel costs, no additional personnel expenses, remuneration based on actual deployment and – last but not least – added value from the word go.

Knowledge transfer

The interim managers that we appoint are carefully selected for their comprehensive knowledge of the respective industry and special capabilities relevant to their temporary position. You can expect an individual who has already had many years of professional experience in line management and consultancy project management, and who also possesses the required implementation skills and specialist knowledge. Make full use of the interim manager’s absolute loyalty and commitment to the achievement of your objectives, and profit from the reliable transfer of his or her know-how to your company’s employees.

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Interim Management