More than 30 years of innovation

Working closely together for and with our customers has resulted in a number of innovations that have made a major contribution to their success. Some of these innovations have become indispensable features of modern business practice. Here are a few examples of successful innovations introduced since we began more than 25 years ago.

Customer card (1983)

The purpose of the card is to improve customer loyalty. The cards in credit card format, first introduced in 1983 for an WOLF Consultants customer, soon proved to be highly successful. Many other consultancy firms introduced their own customer cards in the course of the next two decades.

Outdoor Training (1984)

Outdoor training courses were a vitally important innovation in the field of training. They improve the activity-orientation and sustainable effectiveness of training events. In the decades since WOLF successfully introduced this method in the European arena, outdoor training has become a firm fixture of programs for HR development and assessment.

VIVAnow! (1996)

The Variable Interactive Remuneration and Incentive System (the German initials form the acronym VIVA) is the most important innovation in the field of management and leadership. VIVAnow! stands for threefold optimization: the most ambitious objectives, maximum goal achievement and optimum planning reliability. Besides its central innovation of target optimization, VIVAnow! unites all the elements of sustainable variable remuneration schemes. VIVAnow! has mainly asserted itself in companies with a high degree of growth and performance orientation.
VIVAnow! also stands for the software used to compile the target optimization charts.

“Wolf’s Onion” (1999)

The so-called “Wolf’s Onion” is used as an aid to distinguish between performance targets and results targets, or between key performance indicators and results indicators. The practical application of this WOLF Consultants innovation is in the determination of key input and output indicators in the financial controlling sector, but it is also used to define strategic corporate objectives. It is fair to say that it has now become a global standard instrument.

If…Then condition (2002)

The If…Then condition is an WOLF Consultants innovation in the field of variable remuneration systems based on results and performance. The If…Then condition is used to create incentives to achieve targets without the need for any additional bonus or reward. It has not yet become universally established.

Innovations bring success

We are grateful to our customers for allowing us the opportunity to develop, implement and propagate these and all other innovations. We shall continue to work and act together with you to create further innovations for the mutual benefit of all parties.

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More than 30 years of innovation