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Inspiring contributions turn your event into an occasion to remember

Let our excellent speakers, guest speakers and expert presenters turn your event into an occasion to remember. In Germany and in German language, too.


Our professional experts provide the highlight of your customer or staff events, seminars and workshops, trade fairs and congresses, presentations and final discussions. We will captivate your audience with stimulating lectures, inspiring presentations, amusing after-dinner speeches and expert moderation.


We make optimum use of our extensive expert knowledge and rhetorical skills to ensure that your event complies fully and exactly with all of your wishes, objectives and strategies. Whether your audience consists of a handful of people or a multitude of 10,000, you can be sure of an enthusiastic reception, thought-provoking contributions and a sustainable gain in knowledge for all present.


Speakers with many years of experience will deliver spot-on, thought-provoking messages. We can offer a range of topical subjects from the fields of politics, business, science and sport.

Facilitators* with a background of journalistic training will ensure that dialogues, discussions and discourses are highly informative – for the benefit of both the panel and the audience.

Specialist expert speakers, each with his or her own individual, compelling manner, will convey comprehensive knowledge, put across your agreed messages and generate motivation and commitment among the audience.

*If you are looking for a facilitator for your decision-maker workshop, meeting with the board or senior management, or supervisory / advisory board meeting, please check our offer here: Facilitation.

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