"Without exception, we want to carry out and complete every order with the highest possible success. To achieve this, the consensus between client and contractor on the central values that guide decisions and actions is of enormous importance." (Gunther Wolf)

Guiding values for business consultancy, implementation, interim management, facilitation, speeches, courses and training

Our values: 100 percent value-oriented

What demands we place on ourselves and how we work

Guiding values for business consultancy, implementation, interim management, facilitation, coaching, speeches, courses and training
Guiding values for business consultancy, implementation, interim management, facilitation, coaching, speeches, courses and training

You will only want to hire a service provider to carry out a programme, a project or individual activities (training, seminar, coaching, interim management, facilitation, speech) if you have a good gut feeling and the chemistry is right.

The same applies to us as a contractor: we do not accept assignments whose objectives we cannot identify with. Because you and we want the assignment to be successfully completed and finished.

Values decisive for success

Identification, chemistry and gut feeling are aspects that are often perceived unconsciously: You can feel if you fit together. We consider this perception on the affective level to be significant, because it rarely deceives.

Since both you and we are interested in the successful completion of the assignment, it makes sense to be aware of them. Affective fitting together results from a high degree of agreement between the two partners with regard to their values.

Check our values for consensus

Values determine the behaviour and decisions of us humans. If a consensus on these decision- and action-guiding values is guaranteed on both sides, then we as service providers will decide and act as you would have done when carrying out the order.

So that you can judge at a glance whether we are a good match for each other, we disclose our central values and guiding principles here.

Acting together

We work with you, for you and with you. Intensive cooperation based on reliability, openness and trust guarantees measurable, visible and tangible success. A high local presence is important to us. We are always available for you and your employees.

We build up internal competencies in a targeted manner and transfer application-related knowledge to all employees concerned. In this way your strategies become reality and remain viable, consistent and sustainable.

We keep our promises

We are the stones on which you can build. We expect the same from you so that we can build successful projects and activities on them. We keep what we promise.

Without any ifs and buts: You can rely on us. And we do not promise what we cannot, or perhaps cannot, keep. The spoken word is as binding for us as a contractual agreement.

Your success is our goal

We understand your success as the realization of your previously disclosed, clearly defined goals. This includes the determination of the targeted characteristics of relevant Key Performance Indicators (KPI).

We consistently align our services with your goals and success factors. We concentrate on the economically effective and essential. We work goal-oriented and in clearly defined steps that are transparent for you at all times.

We want to inspire our customers

The highest level of satisfaction with the execution of the order and the results achieved is the foundation stone for lasting customer-service provider relationships. Customer satisfaction is based on the fact that the contractor meets the expectations of the client.

But we do not only want to satisfy you. We want to exceed your expectations: We want to inspire you! Our ambition is customer enthusiasm.

One face to the customer

We provide you with an experienced program or project manager. This way you have an exclusive contact person for your tasks.

Your contact person will take care of everything, for example the coordination, agreement and briefing of the other consultants, trainers, moderators or coaches assigned to you.

When success counts, people are most important

We actively involve the people in your company in the analysis, in the definition of problems and in the development of solutions. The workforce does not feel affected by changes, but is involved in improvements.

This integrated approach ensures the highest possible level of commitment from all those involved in the implementation of improvements and measurable success. As a client, you also benefit from the transfer of our expertise to your employees and thus from the sustainable effectiveness of the results achieved.

We offer company-specific solutions

We do not make your company fit standard offers and standard solutions, but the other way round: We bring company-specific, tailor-made solutions for the most promising starting points in your company. If the right solution does not yet exist, we develop one.

This is how we achieve a number of innovations, some of which have become indispensable in today’s business world. In the interest of success for both sides, we will continue to act together with our customers in the future and create further innovations.

We are always one step ahead

It is no small demand that we make on ourselves and our working methods: To always be one step ahead requires a high level of professional, methodical, social, communicative and personal competence as well as a shaken level of practical experience. Learn more about our competencies and the scope of our experience.

Do we suit you? What may we do for you?

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Our values: guiding values for business consultancy, implementation, interim management, facilitation, coaching, speech, course and training