Estd. 1984

Three decades of consultancy and training experience

In 1984, Gunther Wolf and his two partners set up a company in the Netherlands. Its main focus was on management development, outdoor training, sales seminars, customer and marketing incentives, water sports and parachuting. In those days we still called ourselves “Indoor Outdoor Management Development”, but the name appears to have been a bit too long for our customers’ liking: they simply called us “the people from I.O.”

The name stuck. We’re glad it did, for what could be better than having a name given to us by our own customers?

1984 Indoor Outdoor Management Development founded in the Netherlands

1986 Training Institute subsidiary (training, facilitation, coaching, outdoor training courses und incentives) set up in Switzerland

1989/90 Head Office relocated to Wuppertal (Germany), consultancy (consulting, realization, interim management) founded

2000/01 Company incorporated into the I.O. GROUP with Head Office in the Villa Engels, part of Wuppertal’s “Historisches Zentrum” complex

2007 Management and strategy consulting now operating under the WOLF brand name, a wholly-owned subsidiary of the I.O. GROUP

Today The I.O. Group Wolf (IOGW) has a strictly defined customer-oriented structure:

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Consultancy and training experience