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In Tune with the Customer

Looking forward to working with you – and for you

WOLF services are aimed at members of corporate management and department heads. We also seek to involve other department employees whenever this would improve the quality of an analysis, the acceptance of changes or the prospects of accomplishing a task successfully, for example, when compiling data and facts, implementing change or during courses of instruction or training.

Delighted customers

The foundation of lasting, positive relationships between customers and service providers is maximum satisfaction with the execution of the appointed task and the bottom-line results. This applies to consultation and advisory services as well as to training courses, workshops, presentations or texts. We don’t just want you to be satisfied – we want you to be delighted!

Return on consulting

Our comprehensive and consistent approach to consultancy and the other services we provide is always oriented towards achieving your strategic objectives. The work we do for you is made up of transparent steps that are verifiable at any time, because we know that only customers who are delighted with our project performance and its results will call us in again and recommend us to others. Rapid amortization, outstanding quality, first-rate performance and expectations not only fulfilled, but also exceeded, are far better testimonials than a thousand words.

Company size

Our internal structures are strictly customer-oriented and organized according to the respective industries or sectors they serve. The smallest customer on our books is a highly successful company that employs a staff of only 15; our largest customer is actually the biggest company in the world. Whether it’s a question of start-up, founding, micro-company, KMU, large-scale corporation, DAX-listed enterprise or corporate structure, our experts have in-depth knowledge of the specific features of the respective company sizes and can adapt their measures and activities accordingly.

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In Tune with the Customer